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“...The EasyMoor is a useful item of boating gear to have aboard - it is quick and easy to use.”

Tips & Tricks

The messenger line should be tied to the boat’s mooring line with a sheet bend and two half hitches. When tying this ensure that the transition between the two lines is as smooth as possible. The smoother the knot is, the easier it is to pull the mooring line through the ring on the mooring buoy. There is a knot tying video below that demonstrates this. Practice with EasyMoor before actual use. Three foot waves and a moving boat isn’t the right set of conditions to learn how to use any piece of gear. Practice when tied up or at anchor and make sure your crew has had a chance to practice as well. EasyMoor works with mooring buoys that have an eye with an inside diameter or 1-3/4” (45mm) or larger and a maximum thickness of 5/8” (16mm), which should cover the majority of mooring buoys. If the inside diameter is too small, EasyMoor can perform the same operation, but instead of inserting it into the eye, use it upside down so that only the spring loaded portion passes through the centre of the eye. See the video below for a demonstration. EasyMoor will pass a line over a rod, a taut line, stay, lifeline or any other rigid member that is less than 5/8” in diameter. This means if you need a line up over a spreader or somewhere else that has this kind of configuration, EasyMoor can help out. Let us know if you think of an unusual application at EasyMoor can also pass a loop of line over a bollard or pile. The loop in the line is passed halfway through EasyMoor until it is caught in the middle of the open space. The loop is passed over the bollard or pile and pulling on EasyMoor releases the loop. As soon as possible, we will add a video of this below. Some of our customers are picking up mooring buoys off of the stern instead of the bow. Because of less freeboard at the stern (usually), it is sometimes more convenient to reach and easier to see the buoy from there. After picking up the mooring, the mooring line is walked up to the bow and made fast there.
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Tying a Sheet Bend