“...The EasyMoor is a useful item of boating gear to have aboard - it is quick and easy to use.” Sailboat-Cruising.com


Here are some links to things of interest: Dick McClary has a great sailing blog at sailboat-cruising.com and was kind enough to review EasyMoor which appears here: www.sailboat-cruising.com/boating-gear-reviews-EasyMoor. o Dick’s blog is fascinating with articles and ebooks about their experiences building and living aboard their 38’ cruising boat Alacazam and the cruising lifestyle - check them out! New Zealand Marine Distribution Ltd. http://www.nzmarinedistribution.co.nz is a specialty distributor of marine products and is representing EasyMoor in New Zealand and Australia. Check out their website for interesting products and services.
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We were contacted by a New Jersey teacher (Vanessa) to tell us about Adam, one of her students who is intersted in learning how to sail and in his research found an interesting article about knots. It’s a great article and we wanted to give Adam a shout out and wish him well in his sailing adventures. Thanks for the link Adam! It’s here: https://www.hmy.com/a-scouts-guide-to-boating-knots