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What Is It? EasyMoor is a product designed by boaters, for boaters to simplify picking up a mooring. EasyMoor works with a simple in and out motion - there is no ‘stabbing motion’, no strings to pull, nothing to cock, arm or latch. EasyMoor attaches to standard threaded extension poles available at home improvement stores. EasyMoor works with any size mooring line and is suitable for boats up to 50 feet. EasyMoor works with rings or eyes on most commonly used mooring buoys. EasyMoor has other uses too - see our Tips & Tricks page.
See It In Action:
How Do You Use It? 1. Thread EasyMoor onto a standard extension pole (a painter’s pole works well); 2. Cleat off one end of your boat’s mooring line. 3. Tie the other end of the mooring line to EasyMoor’s messenger line using a sheet bend, making it as smooth as possible. See the video to the right; 4. Insert EasyMoor into the eye of the buoy, lift slightly and pull back. The eye will ‘pass through’ EasyMoor, threading the line through it; 5. Bring EasyMoor back aboard and cleat off the end of your mooring line. Done!. 6. To untie, uncleat one end of the mooring line and pull it back through the eye.
“...The EasyMoor is a useful item of boating gear to have aboard - it is quick and easy to use.” Sailboat-Cruising.com
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EasyMoor Mooring Aid

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How To Purchase

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On The Lighter Side...

These cartoons from our early days demonstrate why we invented EasyMoor - mouse over them to have a look:

Features and Specifications

EasyMoor costs $44.95 (USD), Shipping is $10.00 for North and South America, The UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. EasyMoor makes a great gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Holidays and Birthdays. EasyMoor has other uses too - some of our Coast Guard Reserve customers use it for getting a line around stays, lifelines, stanchions and other fixed members. Uses any standard threaded extension pole. Order two and shipping for the second is free! Satisfaction Guaranteed.
EasyMoor automatically resets - in case you need more than one try to pick up the mooring. EasyMoor is made of glass filled nylon and stainless steel - both incredibly strong and corrosion resistant. EasyMoor was designed to work with the most commonly used mooring buoys. EasyMoor is maintenance free - a quick rinse with fresh waster occasionally to prevent salt buildup is all that is required. Practical Sailor Magazine said that EasyMoor is ‘remarkably easy to use’ and voted it co-best buy in the magazines review of mooring aids.